One of Salvo Security Group's key initiatives, in collaboration with the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center at Texas State University, is to bring Active Shooter (Active Attack) Programs to the private sector to empower them with vital information that can be delivered to their employee's that could enhance their survivability if ever faced with an Active Shooter Event.  

In March 2013, the FBI named ALERRT as the National Standard for Active Shooter Response Training and tasked 200 FBI agents to receive training by ALERRT to support this national campaign.  To date, ALERRT has trained over 130,000 Law Enforcement Officers across the nation.  

Salvo Security Group's founder has maintained a very strong working relationship with ALERRT since 2007 as an Adjunct Instructor and is very excited about Salvo Security Group being selected as the sole provider to bring this holistic approach to the private sector about what roles Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Medical Services will play in an Active Shooter event, but more importantly what "You" can do to help affect the outcome.  "What You Do Matters"!